Stone Speak

Stone Speak

Abstract female body as an everlasting inspiration brings warmth in your inerior


Medium: Pastel
Payment methods: Cash
Size: Medium
Dimensions: 50 × 70 cm
Subject: Figurative

About the Artist

An image of Ana Golovic primary image

Ana Golovic

Visit Artist page "With expressive movements in pastel colors, a human figure on large format is my greatest inspiration, as well as the language of my artistic expression. This series of images emerge by dealing with the human figure and its internal dangers. The role of a woman and her feelings in states of abandonment, helplessness, and anxiety are the main theme and are something that I can personally relate to."
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Danijela Knezevic

Visit Artist page Danijela is immersed in exploring the ever fascinating perception of self, of others, of nature, and the primal quest for freedom and happiness which is thwarted by both the voluntary and imposed slavery of the “Brave New World”. People always need love. Nowadays, they need the time to love. Creation through painting grants an artist the commodity of love and time and empowers him to embrace the audience with the feeling of serenity. “I use strong colors abundantly in fine multiple layers, free strokes and liquid coating to convey the atmosphere of my paintings.”
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Danka Dimitrijevic

Visit Artist page In the search for spiritual values, her works represent vital evidence of perceiving the present time and its complex anxiety. But they, before all, represent lyrical contemplation, with a clear artistic personality against modern, alluring simulacrum of instantaneous sensations.Her art work experiments with the artistic form, explore it through different media and measure the viewer’s response to it. The goal of art perception is to experiment during the creation of art pieces, leaving us with uncertainty of the final outcome, both in artistic and ethic terms.
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Dusica Pejic

Visit Artist page Dušica Pejic is a prizewinning Serbian painter with international exposure. Her work is centered on the idea of movement: of words, bodies and energies. Engaging in a highly physical painting process and using a combination of artistic and engineering materials, she composes abstract works full of action.
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Ivan Kocic

Visit Artist page Wanting to incorporate the recycling process into an artistic idea, Ivan chooses children's toys for the material. Portraits made by assembling technique represent physical representations of our personalities whose traits we have built up through adulthood, by playing and using toys, developing social and motor skills. With strong coloration, they are associated with pop art and other trends of contemporary art.
An image of Milan Hrnjazovic primary image

Milan Hrnjazovic

Visit Artist page A perfect representation of the reality that surrounds us has always been Milan Hrnjazović’s fascination. However, is the reality that he is trying to represent perfect? In the visions he presents, decadent landscapes merge with interiors in coloristic distortions that belong to the fantastic Baroque visualizations of the world beyond and psychedelic transfigurations. In his works almost methodical motives persist: Woman, love couple, nature. Somewhere halfway between Gerhard Richter and John Currin, Hrnjazović’s works, attract us by their highly aesthetic expression.
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Misko Pesic

Visit Artist page A series of works entitled "Enigma" is the result of examining the possibility of metaphorically presenting the relations between the conscious and the unconscious as complex networks of different visual elements - symbols, signs, ornaments, ideograms and letters.
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Sandra Janjatovic

Visit Artist page "The inspiration for my artworks can be traced to nature, but not the nature that stands against the notion of the city - the nature that is universal, whose laws apply and operate in the entire universe. These laws are universal and are much larger and much more important than us and we have just begun to understand them in their broad field of action. In my artworks, i thrive towards the comprehensive and universal ideas, which are aesthetically clear and simple, based on a small number of elements, which create all physical forms of nature."
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Una Nikolic

Visit Artist page Subconsciousness, made perfectly for morphosis, procreates its physical match. Art is precisely that male principle of reality and manifesto that palpates its origin and given thesis, eyes firmly closed. Figure permeates, enlaces, but it is not an object to describe. It is the first step that leads into retrogression and deconstruction for the sake of reestablished and utter formation.
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Vanja Vulin Ivosevic

Visit Artist page "My paintings are an expression of my deepest needs for light, love, passion, joy, goodness, above all nobility in us.Art creates an extraordinary feeling that we have lived! Whether we are creating it or witnessing it."

Vlad Miljkovic

Visit Artist page The conceptualization of the term "personal-private" makes me reveal to the public that part of myself that answers the question "Who am I?", and that the answer is not just my biography. That process is based on archiving important moments, under the condition that the archive does not include only a documentary, but an analytical and emotional approach in both the research and the painting process. Only then, the concept become more important than myself, and my work gets in direct connection with the idea of depicting that inner world, which we see only when we feel.
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Zeljko Vitorovic

Visit Artist page Zeljko Vitorovic is a painter who deals with the human alienation in his works, visible in interpersonal relationships. He places human figures in ruined, post-industrial spaces in which they seem to wander expressing different emotional states. His realistic performances have a strong social message and are influenced by film and music.

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