Concept of time

Concept of time

The artwork represents an artist, as well as a person who is involved , making the observer the part of an artistic statment . This wonderfull piece of art gives you absolut freedom to interpetate , to give a finishing touch .The technque is very unique combination of lines with color pancil and acrilic , on canvas .


Medium: Acrylic
Payment methods: Cash
Size: Large
Dimensions: 50 × 90 cm
Subject: Abstract, Figurative

About the Artist

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Sandra Janjatovic

Visit Artist page "The inspiration for my artworks can be traced to nature, but not the nature that stands against the notion of the city - the nature that is universal, whose laws apply and operate in the entire universe. These laws are universal and are much larger and much more important than us and we have just begun to understand them in their broad field of action. In my artworks, i thrive towards the comprehensive and universal ideas, which are aesthetically clear and simple, based on a small number of elements, which create all physical forms of nature."

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