Portrait of the girl

Portrait of the girl

Oil on canvas, psychedelic distortions opening our mind to beyond what we see.


Medium: Oil
Payment methods: Cash
Size: Large
Dimensions: 110 × 70 cm
Subject: Figurative

About the Artist

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Milan Hrnjazovic

Visit Artist page A perfect representation of the reality that surrounds us has always been Milan Hrnjazović’s fascination. However, is the reality that he is trying to represent perfect? In the visions he presents, decadent landscapes merge with interiors in coloristic distortions that belong to the fantastic Baroque visualizations of the world beyond and psychedelic transfigurations. In his works almost methodical motives persist: Woman, love couple, nature. Somewhere halfway between Gerhard Richter and John Currin, Hrnjazović’s works, attract us by their highly aesthetic expression.

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